Tool Holders

Tool organization is made easy using our line of customizable and reusable tool holders. Each on is designed for the tools it’s meant to hold and can be easily searched by the tool part number.

The threaded inserts allow these holders to be bolted onto any substrate ranging from Carbon fiber sheets to stained wood backboards using 6-32 screws. As your tool collection grows, this allows the flexibility of changing the tool layout by simply unbolting the holder and moving to the desired location.

The positive tool retention design allows these holders to be mounted both vertically onto tool walls or horizontally in tool drawers.

Optional precut Ultra High Bond (UHB) 3M double sided adhesive allows these to be securely mounted onto substrates which do not allow for screws to be used.



  • Cost effective tool organization
  • Reusable design allows flexible layout options
  • Quick and easy installation / removal
  • Finger hole cut outs to aid in tool removal
  • CNC machined from engineered plastic